Friday, April 1, 2011

My Bookroom Needed Some Grass {{huh??}}

Remember my $2.00 ceramic vase?

She was looking a little bare in her corner.  (Yes, one major problem with this room is NO PAINT!)

So I picked up this package of tall faux grass and a package of four of these floral foam cubes at the Dollar Tree ($2.00 total!)

 I carefully placed a few in the foam here and there till I had a nice spray.  Looks cool... almost want to do this with the remainder foam and another grass package and put it in a flat vessel to use as a really unique centerpiece.  Can you believe this came from just one measly little package of $1.00 grass (above)?

Then, I plopped it inside the vase (secret:  it's not at the bottom... the foam is near the top to give ultimate height and width.)

See?  There's the foam!

Well, I decided it was better served sitting behind the black doggie throne instead.  Maybe the next time you see this room, it'll be painted??!!

Sigh... even the faux grass is still brown at this home!

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