Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Soap Dispenser

I picked up a cute little hexagonal glass jar at a yard sale a few weeks ago for ... $1.00.

Today, I picked up a nice, tall bottle of yummy smelling soap (not antibacterial, as my septic guy is saying to avoid those) for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I took the cork from the glass bottle and drilled a hole just big enough to fit the pump from the soap.

I inserted the pump into the cork, poured the soap into the bottle (as in first photo), and popped that cork back in.

New fancy soap dispenser.  Sorry the photo is AWFUL!  It's night-time, and I can't get a good photo.  I may attempt some glass-etching, but I'm so afraid.  I tried that once before and the results weren't good.  Hmmm.... maybe a good ol'-fashioned Cricut label instead.

UPDATE:  New photo in daylight!  So... what should I put on this to spruce it up?  etching?  labels?  hmmmm.....

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