Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Room Painted... that "Bookroom"

When I did the post about the grass in the Bookroom, I was determined... determined to paint those daggone walls....and I knew it was going to be the same color as our dining room.

  As crazy impatient as I am about getting paint on the walls, I know the fastest way is to hire someone... but have you priced painters lately?  Ouch!  I can paint just fine, thankyouverymuch.  It just takes a little longer.  I have four kids, two part-time jobs, one two dogs, and a blog to attend to as well.  Oh... and then there's the laundry and meals, when I remember.  LOL

Well, our weekend was nuts.  We were supposed to go away on a weekend with Mike's parents to celebrate his dad's 20th HEART day.  (What's a Heart Day?  The anniversary of your Heart Transplant! Yes, he's going on 20 years now!  He had the transplant on Easter Sunday... what a fresh "new life" for him, too!)  However, this last Monday, Mike's grandmother had a massive stroke.  The plans were curtailed.  Instead, we were supposed to visit his grandmother on Saturday.... and pick up our new puppy on Sunday.

  Then, we had three sick people here Friday night.  Well, Mr. NewHeart (yes, that's his nickname now) has a very suppressed immune system, as does Grandmother.  So, we couldn't visit on Saturday.

So... Saturday's visit became Sunday's visit.  Which meant that if we planned to pick up the puppy, we needed to do it on Saturday.  I then realized there was one major room in the downstairs that I REALLY wanted painted before a puppy entered this house  (Can you imagine trying to paint with a puppy traipsing through paint trays??)

So, guess who just whipped up a little paint job on Saturday morning?  (Finished in the nick of time to meet the new pup!)
Our Bookroom, now.

Our Bookroom, before.

I still need to hang our Chinese scroll and add a few things to the wall.  In the meantime, I'm keeping the top of the cabinet busy with spring stuff.  BTW, the color on the walls is Toffee Krunch by Behr Paints.

(The above-mentioned "spring stuff")

My little guy saw me snapping and needed a shot of himself in there.

 I found a location for the Our History Subway Art piece that I did last month.

The final room.  Well, for now.  I'm still debating on a rug.  I know in this picture, the room looks like a decent size, but it's only about 10'x11'.  I like how the long stretches of hardwood makes the room feel bigger.... a rug may just make it feel too confining.  What are your thoughts?

PS... If you are interested, my father-in-law, Dave Hollar, wrote a book entitled, "Mr. NewHeart:  Heart Attack to Transplant and Beyond".  
It's available at Amazon in paperback format, or if you would like to download a free PDF copy, here's the link.  
It's a fascinating story.  I met Dave one year after the transplant.  I didn't meet Mike at college until the year after it all occurred.  Mike and his mom, Sylvia, are also co-authors and wrote chapters telling their side of the story.

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