Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bathroom Shelf

I bought this shelf a week ago at a local thrift store for $5!  I knew I liked it and knew where I wanted it to go... but I didn't exactly measure the spot or the shelf... so I had my fingers crossed as I tried it out today.

Aha!  It worked!
Right over the never-used-tub.   Please forgive the sickly looking plant.  Remember I have a black thumb!  Actually I feel really guilty about this one.  Apparently this plant was part of my husband's science fair project one year in Middle School.  (... and the two digits of his age now equals 12... figure that one out!)  I sort of let it go after we moved in till I found a place for it.  Here's hoping I can help revive it!

And the coolest thing?  It fits over the existing towel rack... perfectly.  I was totally expecting to remove the towel rack completely... but after I saw this thing fit over it, I figured I'd keep it!

Couldn't have planned it any better!



  1. Amazing how the towel rack looks custom fitted! Great find! (move your plant to the window!)

  2. Okay, this is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments. So simple...and brilliant. Good job!!

  3. Didn't that work out perfectly. Don't feel bad about the plant. I regularly start over with a new set of plants to replace the ones I have murderously watched die right in front of me.


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