Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green Room Number One (for the dude)

So, I managed to squeak in two days of painting at the beginning of this Spring Break.  Whew!  That was my entire "to do" list, and I finished... I wasn't pushing myself too hard, I know.  But with visitors for four days, and two days of funeral events, I'm happy to have at least done two major things.


My youngest son loves Star Wars... and Legos... and Batman... and HotWheels... and Pokemon... and Bakugan... and Mario... and whatever his newest/closest friend is into that day.  But, alas, Star Wars seems to be the longest lasting phase, so we went with that.

And anyone that knows him, KNOWS that the absolute favorite color is GREEN.  If I would have painted all his furniture green and bought a new comforter and shades that were green, he would've been in complete heaven.

He wanted the same green as our old house's office.  I liked it, too, but it seemed a bit too dark olive-y for a little boys bedroom, so we stepped it down a little on the color strip to be a tad less dark.  Instead of Behr "Promenade", we went with "Restful"... seemed appropriate for a bedroom, eh?

"Goes there, who does?"

Love the looks of these Roman shades, but they are a pain... who puts the pull-cord BEHIND the shade?  Seriously?? And what's with the little plastic rings that hold the pull-cord string?  The strings always pop out.  Ugh.  But, still... I love the look.  I just have to be the one to open and close the blind.  I got this idea for navy shades from a Pottery Barn catalog... loved the classic simple look, especially since our windows are framed in trimwork.

The room is not 100% complete... it's a work in progress.  This desk came from my husband's grandmother... the one whose funeral we just attended.  It's nothing grand, but it works beautifully for a little kid.  I would like to spruce it up a little.  Still trying to decide.  The chair is a solid wood Restore find.  It's a great size for my son, but needs a little work... maybe some paint.  Same with that Ikea desk to the left.  It is a mangled glued-up, scratched-up mess from my daughter's craft projects, but works great for a Lego table.  I'm thinking of ways to dress it up, too.  

I have a Star Wars poster to frame and want to possibly throw a quote on the wall.  Maybe add another full-size sticker, too?

I feel like I should do so much more in here... it just doesn't quite compete with the rooms I've done in the past for my kids.  This is no award-winning decorated room, by any means.  It does need a little more, but I am stopping before going crazy.  I've done the cutesy rooms with multiple colors and lots of wall-hangings.  Mobiles from the ceiling, glowing stars on the ceiling, hanging planets, hanging artwork, tons of stuffed animals, lots of shelves, canopies, handmade curtains, fancy rugs, etc.

Here's what I'm learning though.

It's my almost-seven-years-old SON'S room.  He doesn't care if I don't have a lot of cute patterns in there.  He doesn't care that Mommy didn't hand-make gorgeous curtains.  He doesn't care that I didn't paint a huge mural on the wall.  

He wants only a few things in his room... 
Green walls.
A bed (need not be made... blankets and top sheet are optional since they are always kicked to the bottom anyway)
A closet to throw his clothes and shoes inside (hamper optional).
Hotwheels cars.
A toybox (Rubbermaid is fine) full of Batman and Bakugan figures.
A table for Legos.
Lots of floor/bed space to play.

Um... that's pretty much it.

The desk with school supplies and paper and sight word cards inside?... yeah, Mom, you're really pushing it there.

Oh... and lots of Star Wars wall stickers.  

I was hesitant to buy more than just Yoda in the life-size form, but I think I may just cave and put Anakin over the bed.  We'll see.  Yoda is pretty awesome, after all... 
a larger Anakin sticker must rock!

He's a boy.  He's simple.  He doesn't care about design.  And let's face it... his room never, ever, ever looks this clutter-free.  Ever.  Might as well keep the walls simple before the entire room becomes a chaotic mess.

A boy, he is.

Simple, we will do.

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