Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year, A New Blog.....

Well, as much as I enjoyed Life, Made Interesting, I found myself just not able to keep up with it on my own.  You know... life sort of has a way of distracting the blogging.  So, I'm partnering with a neighbor to start up a new blog and start afresh... Lizzie will help keep me on my toes.  You'll find that she is super creative and has many neat projects to share.  And, being my neighbor, she can almost throw stones at my window when I've been away too long... almost.  But, she can at least call, email or walk over to get on my case.  You can find similar posts and interests at The Burlap Hill now.  You can find us on our Facebook page, too.

It's been fun... but with the new year, we'll start a new adventure.

See you over there shortly!!