Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green Room Number Two (for the chick)

Now, the second room, I sort of broke my "simple" rules, like the ones I maintained in the dude's room.  This, after all, is a girl's room with cute girly things.  

My youngest daughter is from China.  She's a stinker.  Very feisty.  Very independent.  Loves to play cook and play mommy.  Loves to push everyone's buttons a little too much.  Enjoys crafts.  Adores the new puppy.  Wants Mommy to have a baby so she can help feed and take care of it.  (Uh.. sorry... draw the line here... dear daughter, you ARE our baby.)  Bright little girl.  Absolutely beautiful.  Caring heart.

When we knew we were going to adopt her, we collected fabric pieces from lots of family members and friends to make a "100 Good Wishes Quilt" for her.  It's a Chinese tradition.  The previous link takes you to our adoption blog from 2007/2008 and explains the quilt.  We collected over 100 pieces, and then I began to panic.  I don't know how to quilt!  It was going to cost us hundreds and hundreds of dollars to hire someone to do it for us (and in the midst of a five-figure adoption cost, even a few hundred would've been impossible).  But a friend's mom volunteered out of the blue for her quilting bee to do it for us.  And thus, we ended up with a GORGEOUS quilt.

I KNEW this quilt was going on the wall... whether she liked it or not.  The quilt is pink... lots and lots of pink.

Her previous comforter was pink and green.  Her rug was pink and green.  Her baskets were pink and green.  Her wall hangings were pink and green.

So, when I asked her what color she wanted on the walls, she said, "RED!"  ... "and purple and green".

My response?  "Uh... um.... nope, I don't think so."  Darn... never ask the child when you KNOW what you want.

We had a quick little discussion that red wasn't going to work.  Too much for a little girls' room.  Fortunately she wasn't stuck on the red thing, and green worked too.  She still claims to not be a pink fanatic, but that's just too bad.  When your special adoption quilt is pink, you will have pink.  LOL

So, I found a lovely shade in the Behr Ultra line called "Cilantro Cream".  It's gorgeous... a tad celery like.  We had it color matched to Behr's regular paint.  

Here's her final room:

I LOVE this room!  The color is just beautiful.  So "girly" for a green.  I love that we were able to keep a few "Chinese" elements too... her quilt, of course.... the pink butterfly hanging came from A Gift From China (love that store in Guangzhou)... the panda print (came from a Guangzhou store, too).

The chick is *okay* with it too... In Mommy's world, I would have removed all toys, limited books to just a few and left only a few pencils and a frame on the desk.  However, how does that possibly work for a six-year-old girl?   Fortunately Mommy let her keep the all-important kitchen set, dolls, craft kits, and "junk" in there.  That made all the difference in the world.  I probably could've painted it orange with black and brown polka-dots and purple stripes with camouflage on the ceiling and she would've been okay with it... as long as the toys remained.


  1. It looks so Caaaute! I love your blog:) Im your newest follower:)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Kara! I've been following yours, too. Love the ideas... trying for that giveaway! LOL :) As you can see, I'm fairly new to blogging. :)


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