Friday, April 1, 2011

A Spring Vignette

So, who doesn't own a Southern Living hurricane glass... or at least one like it?  I remember when I hosted a SL party years ago, this was first on my list.  I couldn't wait to see what wonderful goodies I could come up with to fill it up... coffee beans, walnuts, rocks, candles, peppermint candies...

It has mostly been sitting in a cabinet since moving into the new home, though.  I dragged it out today.... ew... dusty!

 At the Dollar Tree, I found these little bags of mossy rocks and a few assorted natural-looking doo-dads, too.  $5 total (and I didn't need to use but less than half of these!)

I mixed it up a bit... some nut-looking things, some twine balls, a few mossy rocks....

I found my burlap ribbon and tied a little knot around the top.  It was cute, but not cute enough.  So I added some GLITTER EGGS!  (bought those at the local store that is moving soon for 50% off).

Here's a peek inside to see the mixture of goodies I threw in there.  Like the *BLING* of the eggs?

In addition, I made a spring wreath.  I used this grapevine wreath from AC Moore ($3.50ish) and glued on a little Spanish moss.  

Wow... what a mess (sorry no photos... my hands were covered in little green things!)

Even hot-glued on, the moss was flaking off, so I used a little twine to make some X wrappings around the wreath.   

Live and learn.  Originally I was hoping to hang this on the door, but I just knew I'd have a mossy mess in the doorway for the next few months.  So instead, I gave it a new static location.

Here's what the vignette looks like now... complete with our little stuffed bunny. 

 The little wooden frame is from China.  We picked it up when we were adopting our daughter.  It's from I Corinthians, carved bamboo.  I love it!  You probably cannot see the table-runner much, but it too is from China.  It's a beautiful light green embroidered silk runner that we bought from a great store "A Gift From China" which donated all of its proceeds toward disabled orphans in China.  I tried to find it on their online store, but it looks like all they have now is the matching placemats.  What we absolutely adored about this little store is how many Christian products we found... how often do you think you can find "Christ is the Lord of our Household" in Chinese characters?  This store had it!

Considering our daughter was a special needs child in an orphanage for three-and-a-half years, we made sure to buy a LOT from that store.  :-)

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