Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Kitchen Organizing... and getting a little greener as I go....

Recently I was introduced to Shaklee products from a friend (we were watching our houses being built at the same time down the street from one another and happened to meet one day at church when I was watching her daughter at Sunday School!)  In case you are not familiar with Shaklee, their products are healthier and safer than most you'll find in the local grocery store.  And reasonably priced, too.

The cool thing is that they are convenient!!  (And I'm all about convenience!!)

You can purchase the Basic H liquid and then make various solutions for an All-Purpose Cleaner, a Window Cleaner, and a DeGreaser.  I purchased the set of bottles to make up the solutions easily.

These products are the Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumps!  Half-a-pump to One-full-pump per load.  Now the older kids can EASILY do their own laundry.  Everyone can pump these bottles.  They are easy on the environment and have a fresh scent I like.  (And I even got an additional one in Unscented for my sensitive-skin child.)  And look... they take up almost no space... easy on my tight laundry room spacing.

Despite selling Thirty-One products myself, it hadn't dawned on me till I saw Toni's post at A Bowl Full of Lemons that the Organizing Utility Tote was PERFECT for the products.  

So, I grabbed one of the totes I just bought and put it to use.  (As you can see, I'm not a complete Shaklee convert... still have some big brands in there, too... but I'm slowly moving over.)

On the side pockets, I keep the three bottles, the Scour-off paste, and a cloth.  Inside, I keep the extras like paper towels (okay... not totally green yet) and the bottle of Basic H.

Now the tote can go around with me as I clean the house.

And doesn't it look adorable in the Pin Dots print?  

If you happened to notice that the top photo was in a plaid print (St. Andrews Tartan), I'm afraid I had to pull that one off of cleaner-duty. 

It just so happens to perfectly match the Picnic Tote and Around Town Blanket I have.  

So, they are currently all grouped together for those Saturday soccer games.
Picnic Thermal Tote: holds snacks and drinks for when we're "snack friend"... keeps everything cool throughout the entire game
Organizing Tote:  holds snacks for the other five people in the family, water bottles, books, camera for sitting on the sidelines
About Town Blanket:  just because Mommy can be a serious wimp when the wind blows even a little... quite a nice little wind-breaker!  :)

All items can be found at 

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