Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Easter Decorating

Here are a few snippets of Easter Decorations in our home....  

{note that I'm only showing little bits here and there... you really don't want to see the state of our home just now... I've been a lousy housekeeper this week, and neither have my four little assistants}

A little table in our family room.  I'd show the whole thing, but I'm not digging it these days.  I really want to replace the table, but keep waiting for that super-great deal at the Restore one day.

Our "bookroom" cabinet.  
{The fuzzy bunny just came from Mike's grandmother's apartment when she moved into an assisted living home.  It's a constant reminder to me that she needs lots of prayers.  She's in the hospital now, fairly unresponsive after what we believe was a massive stroke.  She's 95... if you can, say a little prayer for her and her family.}

Isn't this the CUTEST egg plate?  Love the matching salt/pepper shakers, too!

I feel a bit privileged.  Mike's aunt owns one of those super-cute, I-want-everything-in-the-store-but-have-a-budget, home-decorating/gifts boutiques.  You know... Vera Bradley, April Cornell, Christopher Radko, Godiva... and adorable little things, like this bunny shaped wax topiary that smells amazing.  We get Easter gifts every year featuring things from that store.  {I'm willing to bet half of the Easter purchased-decorations on this post came from that store in Fredericksburg, VA... A Place In Time... if you're nearby, check it out!}

On the hearth... I used the grasses to hold egg ornaments and put my cabinet-door plaque there.

Here's my new mini roses plant.

And last, I found this ballerina bunny ornament to hang on the wreath hook... yep, also from A Place In Time.

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  1. Ooooh I love your cute Easter decorations, especially the plate/salt & peper shakers!

    Praying for your Grandma-in-law.


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