Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Kitchen Organizing

I wish I could sit here and blog about the wonderful organizing ideas I have that are next-to-nothing.  You know... the DIY wood dividers or organizers made out of cardboard boxes and extra fabric.  However, I'm seriously OCD in some areas.  And once I find the "perfect"product, I need to buy it (even if it takes awhile to afford it).  LOL  Maybe a little more blog-surfing will give me some motivation to make some organizers myself.  Until then... here are a few things I've attempted.

Here are a few recent organizational projects I've done in my kitchen:

This was my desk drawer a month ago.  
I bought just two little bamboo trays and used sticky tack to keep them in place.  Ah... a little more organized and even fit new things in here better.  (The notepads went to a different drawer.)

Here is one of my two big utensil drawers (one on each side of the stove).

First, I had to empty the drawers.  (I already had used one Ikea divider, which was stuck in place.)

I found these handy-dandy little things at the Container Store.

 They are easy to install.  Pop the two pieces together and then press together (there's a spring inside).  And wah-lah.  It also comes with sticky tabs so that they won't move once in place.
I need labels now.  See above:  cutters, openers, baking.

For the second drawer, I also used one little metal divider I bought at Ikea (center).
In this drawer:  Miscellaneous, Flippers/Brushes, small things (back), spreaders (front), tongs

 My pantry is still a work in progress.  We are so blessed to have this large of a pantry.  It's perfect since we are a family of 6 and I've had to recently invest in tons of gluten-free products.  

Here it is from afar:

 Here are the kids' snacks section.  I used old bins from the kids' rooms and painted them tan with chalkboard tags.  

Aha!  I knew all of those Tupperware containers I bought years ago would come in handy.... potato starch, tapioca flour, brown rice flour, xantham gum, flaxseed, sorghum flour... oh, we are ready to bake now!

I got these little bins at Target Clearance once and used them for grains/pastas and condiments...more labels are needed.
See those little chalkboard tags on the sides of the shelves?  I don't recommend that unless you are able to  sand well.  We've had  a few too many splinters lately.  New tags need to be made soon.

As you can see, we have the ClosetMaid wire shelving units in our pantry.  I hate these kids of shelves, but it's what I have and I'm not about to change it all right now.  So, instead, I found a ribbon I liked to weave in and out of the sides of the shelves.  However, I plan to redo that too.  Those stripes are too much!  I like simple... 


  1. Since you are on the subject of organizing, I was wondering where you store all these crafts you make when the season/holiday ends. Or do you just re-purpose them for the next season/holiday?

    Also, I love the idea of weaving ribbon in and out of the sides of the shelves! We have some of those shelves too and now I want to try that. That's something simple enough for me to do. :-)

    ~ Mo

  2. I have tons of Rubbermaid storage containers. About 20 for Christmas, two for Easter, one for Halloween (not much of a Halloween decorator since we avoid scary thing), one for Valentine/St.Patricks, etc. One good reason to still have an unfinished basement!


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