Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweater Vase

I saw this post on Under the Table and Dreaming a few weeks ago.  I thought it looked cute and cozy for a winter table, but I wasn't about to cut up any of my old sweaters.  I figured it would be something I'd attempt "one of these days".  Well, recently we came across a really cute little sweater that did not fit my daughter.  
It's pretty easy to do with just a couple of items.

Vase (any shape could work, but in my case this is a $1 cylindrical vase from the Dollar Tree)
Sleeve from a sweater (in this case, it was a girls cableknit sweater, but most would work)
Hot glue
Ribbons (just bought today on sale at ACMoore for $2.50/roll... cute!)
Total:  $3.50 and I still have 2 yards of ribbon left.

Steps (sorry, no step by step photos):
1.  Slide the sleeve onto the vase.  In my case, I made sure that the sleeve was a few inches longer on each side.  At the top I placed the cuff and let it hang over a bit.  
2.  On the bottom, I trimmed the sweater and pieced it like a pie across the bottom.  I used the hot glue to attach the sweater to the bottom.  It's important to cut the pieces so that the sweater lays flat on the bottom, or the vase will tilt.  
3.  I flipped the cuff down and added a ribbon.

This could be used for real flowers, but be careful not to allow the water to drench the sweater.  :-)

I just picked up a bunch of faux white roses.
(See this white urn?  I got four of these, and four funky-shaped vases from recently.  I need to figure out what to do with them.  Any suggestions?)

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