Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Labeled Doors

Our house is four-months-old... uh, new.  We chose our house out of three possible models from a local builder.  We picked this home based on the location and the views (I seriously have called this my "dream neighborhood" for the last four years)... and the fact that they offered a model that fit our family's size and our budget.  So, despite doing a little option-picking, our house is still a bit cookie-cutter-ish.  But we still love it!  Over the years, I've come to realize that I'm not an old house kind of person (though I love the character of old homes).  New is easier for me... less serious stuff to go wrong.  HA!

One of my favorite things that the builder used in the house are the doors.  Nowadays, I think most homes I walked through had the same ol' six-panel builder-grade doors.  This builder chose a little differently.  Our front door is 8 feet tall and mostly windows.  
I love it, but it does mean that whatever we hang on the door, the back of it better look good too!  LOL
(That's my little pup... my 13 year old, blind-but-sweet Westie, Aspen... that's pretty much all she does these days.)

The interior doors, though, are only three panels.  Still hollow and inexpensive, I'm sure, but really cute and different from what I'm used to.  In fact, it took me just a few weeks to realize that the middle panels were screaming for labels!  I think I finished this project before my clothes were all unpacked. (Yes, the Cricut was one of the first things out of the box!)
Of course, these are completely removable and are made on the Cricut using sticky vinyl.  So should I change my mind about being reminded of Laundry every morning when I walk out of my bedroom, I can easily remove them.

(Note... I'm a sucker for home parties:  that's a Willow House card holder and Thirty-One picnic tote on the door.)  FYI, I did not label EVERY door... only the bedroom level rooms and the Pantry (which is hidden from most traffic).

Rather than use the entire name on the bedroom doors, I used just the first initial monogram.  Somewhere in my blog-hopping, I saw someone who numbered their doors.  So, I originally thought I'd do the letters instead of numbers... and the full-names of the non-bedroom doors came about later.

Our bedroom mini-doors.  Perfect... two doors for two initials.  

Now if only we'd done this PRIOR to the movers bringing in our boxes.

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