Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Few Recent Crafts {sans the step-by-step photos}

I have a few pictures of some recent crafts to share... ones I did prior to blogging, so I mostly have only the final project (unless it was recent enough that I was considering the blog already.  LOL):

Chalkboard Globe 
I sprayed the cardboard globe with chalkboard paint and then sprayed the holder with silver paint.
I plan to use this in the kids' loft/computer room and keep messages on it 
(such as... "keep our world clean... starting with this room.")

Photo Clipboard
This is the clipboard I used on the recent Chalkboard Makeover post.  I printed out a favorite shot of my kiddos onto just regular computer paper (after tweaking a bit with some photo editing and giving it a sepia tone).  I painted the edges of the clipboard with black paint, cut the photo to size, used Mod Podge to attach the photo, cut the excess away with a craft knife, and added texture by making cross-hatching strokes between various coats of Mod Podge.

Pantry Bin Makeover
OK, this is pretty minor.  I'm trying to organize my pantry a little, and it's taking longer than I anticipated to gather all the goodies I want to use (because I have the icky white metal shelves, I want nice solid wooden bins and baskets... and they aren't always cheap).  Here's a snippet of one of my "new" bins.  I went storage room surfing.  These were actually Target finds from long ago.  They were red and blue and were in my boys' rooms years ago to hold toys.  I didn't want fire-engine red bins in my pantry, so I spray painted them tan and then masked off rectangles to spray chalkboard paint on them.  I used my Chalk Pen to give a slightly more "permanent" chalk title to the bins.... one that won't brush off easily.

...and the last little craft to show tonight...
The Coffee Filter Wreath
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath.  I got my inspiration from a wonderful blog, 
As soon as I saw how easy and inexpensive this was, I set out to get the materials.  This cost about $5 total, including the ribbon.
I made it shortly before Thanksgiving when my new home was ree-eee-eeally bare.  I needed some kind of fall decor.  The funny thing is that it STILL has not been removed.  I still have it hanging from the same mirror in the same room.  At Christmas, I flanked it with little snowflake decorations.  And now, it just has become a part of the room.  That mirror needed some oomph anyway.

Now, scroll back up this post... notice a trend?  Yeah, you can say I kind of like the tan/black/white decor.  


  1. I notice that you've got something woven into the icky white shelves? Ribbon or stripey fabric? :)

  2. Amy... striped ribbon. I don't really like it. Instead of making it look less busy (and hide the wires), it made it look busier. Next time, I won't pick stripes! :-) Hey, it was on sale.....


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