Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Finally-Finished Snowball Wreath

Several weeks ago, I came across THIS posting by TwoJunkChix and knew I needed to make one.   I'm the sort that needs to remove "Christmas" decorations as soon as possible, but snow visits for months around here... so a snowball wreath only makes sense!

Unfortunately I made my wreath before realizing I'd be doing any posting on blogs, so I have only the finished product photographed, no steps.  It was pretty easy, though a little time consuming.

A wreath form (I got my smallish green foam one from the Dollar Store)
Plastic Christmas ornaments (purchased at ACMoore at 9/$1.00 after Christmas)
Some snowflake wooden cutouts (pennies, after Christmas)
Yarn (for me, it was tans, whites, and grays to go with my decor)
Ribbon ($1 for silver ribbon at AC Moore after Christmas)
For me, spraypaint for the snowflakes
Hot Glue

1. Wrap each ornament with yarn till the silver underneath is covered.  Knot and tie ends.  Do this while watching TV or talking to your husband at night.  However, do not attempt while watching a movie that requires a lot of visual attention... oh, say, Inception, or something like that.  You may miss a lot of what's going on.  LOL
2.  Wrap the wreath form with ribbon to make sure none of the green foam shows through!
3.  Spraypaint the wooden snowflakes.
4.  Hot glue the ornaments to the wreath (and to one another as the project progresses).  I would shove the hanger portion into the foam to give it a little more grip.  Make sure you have plenty of glue sticks available, though, so that you don't manage to only get through 3 snowballs before a real snowstorm hits.  You may end up postponing the final result for a week or more....(not that I know this from experience, though).
5.  Hot glue the snowflakes. 
6. Hang with the ribbon.

Obviously you can alter this a lot.  I made mine a lot smaller and chunkier than the one I originally saw at Two Junk Chix.  My front door already has a winter-friendly bare-branch wreath, so I am just hanging this on my curtain rod in the breakfast room for now.  I also love the look of these smaller wreaths on mirrors around the house.  Hmmm..... maybe that'll be its next location....

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  1. Ah, shoving the tops of the ornaments in MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Genius. I was thinking about just using Styrofoam balls, but this is better.


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