Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Brand New Blog

Well, after finding myself itching to share ideas and new projects on Facebook, I realized that probably many of my FB friends weren't dying to see the newest crafts and newest painted walls (i.e.  ... most of the guys... LOL)  So, I made the decision to start a blog.  I'm a few months behind, but we'll play catch-up.  My family and I (four kids, a dog and Mr. Mike, my husband) moved into a new house back at the end of September.  New, as in white walls, no curtains, no holes, no fence, unfinished basement, rocky yard, blank slate.  We have never had this experience before.  The building of the new home was pretty exciting... especially to a giddy self-made-"designer" like me.  Now that we're in the house, I just walk around with ideas swirling in my mind.  Especially since I've recently discovered a bazillion blogs written by people I completely relate to.  I just love the creative minds out there!
Beauty in the winter!

We are now in the middle of nowhere... okay not quite, but close.  We are within 15 minutes of a grocery store and our church, can actually see other homes close by, can drive one hour to get to a major city.... but you must travel on a 1.5 mile dirt road just to get to our neighborhood.  There is no getting around having a filthy muddy car.  (My first choice in blog names was "Off the Dirt Road", but alas, it was taken.)  Not to mention, the internet connection is just not what we used to have, and that's been our biggest adjustment!  We share our yard with dozens of deer, hawks and lots of neighborhood dogs.  So far, that's the "wildlife" we've experienced.  I've heard stories of rattlesnakes and copperheads, snapping turtles, foxes, coyotes, bears and wild cats.... but I like to forget I've heard those stories.  LOL  Instead, I like to look out the window, through the barren snowy trees at the mountains in the near distance, and enjoy the view.  
Squint really hard.... you'll see the cute red barn we can see from our master bedroom window!

We've lived in the suburbs ALL of our lives... so this is a new experience for the entire family.  So far, so good.  After getting really used to the drive, learning our new schedules, adjusting to new schools and learning how to manage a dirt road daily, I'm now ready to move onto the house itself!  

So... here we go... now I finally have a place to share all the neat ideas that have crept my way.  

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  1. Read through your archives this weekend and loved them! Just started a blog myself, almost the same day as you! Good luck. I'll be reading!


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