Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Advice on Chandelier?

Can anyone give me their opinion?

We have simple brushed silver fixtures in our dining room and foyer.  I love the simplicity of the silver 5 arm chandelier in this room.

However, I've been wanting some sort of "interest" on the chandelier.  Mr. Mike wasn't in agreement, so I just didn't worry about it.

Today, though, I found these chandelier shades at the local thrift store for $3/each.  Tan totally goes in this room... no pattern to the shades, but for $3/each, I thought I'd try it.
As you can see, though, there are these little dangling beads.  Cute, but I'm not sure.....

Does this make the room look too frilly now?  

Should I ditch them?  Hmmmm.....


  1. Can I suggest cutting the beads off? I think the shades look great, but Mike might be more accepting of the shades without the beads hanging down.

  2. Yes, I think I'm going to try that, Krush.

  3. I think I have the same chandelier. The previous owners had shades, but they eventually came off because I didn't like them. I have no advice since I have no decorating sense, but I'd love to see what you come up with. :-)


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