Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thrifting Treasures

I had a small amount of time today to hit two of my favorite stores in the local town before my youngest got off the kindergarten bus (I avoid taking any kids when possible... I've done my time taking kids before they were school age!)  

One of the stores is a sweet landmark store that is moving.  An old pharmacy-turned-gift store.  They aren't necessarily the cheapest place, but their selection is awesome.  However, with the moving sale, they're now down to 60% off just about anything.  YES!

Here's what I scored there (along with some stickers and trinkets for Easter baskets):
This was about $3.20 after the discount.  Cute but I wasn't positive what it was.  Now I think it's a plate holder for small plates.  I'll find a use for it somewhere.

This cute little bottle carrier was $6.00.  Granted the little tags are Christmasy, but they can (and will) be removed.

How adorable is this.  I have plans for this.  It was about $4, I think.  A wire frame "carrot" with faux greenery "carrot-top".  They also had a radish, but I figured the carrot was mildy Easter-y?  Easter.... Easter Bunny... Bunnies eat Carrots... Fake Wire Carrot for front door  {{see my reasoning?}}

Two mini feather wreaths.  They had a ton of these at $3.20 each... so I got the two styles they had.  What type of feathers are these?  I love them!

I probably could've bought TONS more at the gift store, but I decided to only buy things I can use now... and probably more than half of their merchandise is Christmasy.  If that percentage-off goes up a bit more, I may just go stock up on Christmas stuff next.  

Next stop:  thrift store.
This metal basket (full metal frame with a little weaving at the bottom) was $8.  Normally I'd consider that high, but I think it's the perfect size for magazines.  I'll find a location!

This little doo-dad was $1.50.  It's a wire butterfly attached to what looks like a baby-food jar with a wire hook in the back to hang on a wall.  Looks easy enough to make on your own, but for the $1.50, I decided it was easier to just buy it!  Instead of putting a candle in there, I may use it for some other trinkets or faux flowers and hang the butterfly in my daughter's bathroom.

OK... not sure what this is.  Sachet cover?  Is it supposed to hold potpourri?  I don't know... but the wire and leather design looked too cool to pass up for just $2.

This sweet little sign would've been easy to make... but again, who can pass up $1.00?  Now I'm wishing I'd also picked up the "dream" sign that was there too.....

And last, my favorite treasure... my big 36" long $5 shelf!  YAY!  I'm hoping this works in my bathroom.

Cute finds today!


  1. cute, cute stuff. I wish I was as creative as you. I would see all those same things and love them but have no idea what to do with them. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. These are all great finds! I had to laugh when I read that you had done your time shopping with preschool kids. I'm still doing my time! I usually go with my pockets full of bribery snacks. Aren't I terrible? :)


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