Thursday, March 17, 2011


And.... yet another cabinet door sign!  (yes, yes again....I need help... but you just can't beat a $3 hardwood frame!)

This time I found a few doors without the middle panels.  

I took one, spray-painted with a clearance-rack spraypaint (Valspar Metal).  Then I flipped it over and added two eye hooks inside the middle.

Strung picture wire (though probably any sort of twine or rope would look cute too!)

Then I made a few cute clothes and letters on the Cricut.  Strung 'em up by mini clothespins, and ...

I don't have a nail up yet to hang it (and can't do it now since that wall is shared by my sleeping son's bedroom!)

But... I just had to show how awesome this paint is!  It MATCHES my graphite-steel LG washer and dryer!!!

I'm a little bummed that the photos are really bright due to the flash, but it's night-time and can't get any sunlight in here!  The blues/greens/plaids really aren't that bright.  Think more muted gray blue and olive green.  

The really neat thing about this concept is that you can use painted clips and use a similar frame to hold photos, Christmas Cards, paper tags (w/a letter per tag to spell a greeting), your house number, and so much more.... The possibilities are endless.  May need to make another one really soon for an often-seen wall..... maybe even in my office space?

Eighty degrees here tomorrow.  Despite having a day off, I'm thinking I won't be inside doing a whole lot of crafting.  :-)  Might as well enjoy the weather while we can.

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  1. This is adorable. I'll take one of these too! I think I need a Cricut?!


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