Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Bookroom

I know, I know... the title.  What is a "bookroom"?  Well, it's a name that has stuck with our family for almost a decade.  In our last house, we had a front dining room that was never used as a dining room.  It evolved from an empty room, to a room full of boxes of books to a sitting room of sorts (mini living room?)  Well, way back when the books were in the room, before we ever got them placed into bookshelves, we referred to the room as the "bookroom".  The name stuck, especially since it made complete sense to a two-year-old and a four-year-old... the room with the books.

Now, eight years and a new house later, we still cannot refer to that front room as "den" or "sitting room" or "library" or even "living room".  Nope... it's our bookroom.  What about the books, you say?  Ha!  Don't you see my daughter's book on the ottoman?  (That's the only book in the room at the present moment.)

This room is not by any means done... but it's still my favorite spot!  I picked those pillows up from a yard sale (... on the day we moved our stuff into storage... great timing!)  From there, I fell in love with the black and white, so I went with it.  The ottoman, lamps and mirror came from Home Goods.  (oh... it's such a good thing that it's 35 minutes away or I'd be permanently broke).  

That Ikea loveseat has been with us for years now.  As you can tell by the permanently squished back cushions, it's a favorite of my Westie.  She just lays on top of the cushion.

So... the question now is... what do I paint this room?  We are leaning toward all neutral walls... tans, browns, offwhites, grays,...  with the goal being that accessories add the punch of color.  Directly across from this room is the dining room (and it's an open space).
Should we stick with the same brown color?  BTW, see the chandelier?  I took the beads off of the shades.  Any better?

Speaking of using accessories for color punches, here is our St. Patty's display in the bookroom so far.  See those little candleholders I made?  I swapped out the candles for green ones.  The urn is from Wuslu.  The pedestal cloches were a recent find in a local store going out of business.  (How gorgeous they are!!)   The "Irish" sign and wreath holder were also found at that same 50% off sale.
Wouldn't that apple green color just POP against a brown background?  :-)

Speaking of popping, don't these flowers look amazing against the brown?

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  1. I'm not sure if you guys have the same colours from Benjamin Moore that we do....but there's a colour called 'Sisal' that I think would look great in here. It's lighter than your sofa (we DO have the same sofa!) but not bland and beige.

    Good luck. Love the pillows!


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