Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shamrock Wreath

In an effort to make one last St. Patty's Day decoration (I normally don't decorate every holiday, but with the new house and blank slate, I'm feeling creative), I saw a few heart grapevine wreaths and put two-and-two together.  

OK, ... actually I put three together.

Hot glue alone wasn't going to work, as it was rather wobbly, so I began adding some sisal rope around it.  Here's what it looked like up close....

Note that I added a couple of sticks from our yard to fill in for the shamrock stem.

The rope didn't bother me.  I was aiming for a rustic feel... plus I was planning to add this:

Since my choice in ribbons (though I love the muted green plaid) wasn't a big enough contrast to the grapevines, I also added a few little shamrocks (from felt) and some white burlap (... oh, how I LO-O-OVE burlap).

And to show a few other views....

Originally, I was thinking of adding a little sign to the wreath, but after painting and gluing and setting it next to the wreath, I decided the sign was too big.  

So, it'll have to find a new location.
Here it is:

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