Sunday, March 6, 2011

Powder Room Color

I've probably mentioned before that we are aiming to do a lot of neutral colors throughout the main floor of the house.  Tans, browns, off-whites, blacks, wood-tones, grays.... 

Well, the powder room seemed to be an easy project.  (Three and a half foot by five foot room couldn't take too long to paint, right?)  However, for months now, I've been stumped on a color.  

Funny how things progress in my mind.  It's rarely all designed at once.  My room designs just sort of grow as time goes by.

My parents gave Mr. Mike and I a set of monogrammed towels for Christmas, knowing I like brown.  Well, they were mostly brown... with light blue accents.  I haven't had blue in any room other than a kids' bedroom in YEARS.  So, despite the fact that I loved the colors together, I didn't know where to put them and what to put with them.

That is... didn't know until I found some cute patterned towels at Home Goods.

So, I set up the powder room with the light blue and brown matching towel sets for awhile, trying to figure out a wall color.  Then after many swatches, gray seemed to be a good fit.  Graceful Gray by Behr.  It would help me stray away from tan (which has been used a lot) at least for one room.  

So, last Wednesday, I took three hours (see... quick job!) and did this:
This picture seems to look more light blue, but really it's mostly pale gray.

Sorry to show just a toilet.  I haven't found anything for above the toilet or on the walls just yet.  Once again, it's a work-in-progress.  I'll figure something out....

Aren't those patterned towels beautiful?  Oh, I love Home Goods.

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  1. your powder room looks lovely. I love brown and blue/grey together.


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