Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ruffly Halloween Wreath

My 12 year old son told me the other day that we hadn't decorated enough for Halloween.  He even started giving me advice on how to do that.  Ha!  Genetics is a fascinating thing, huh?

I {love} fall!  Halloween just happens to be a big holiday in fall.  I'm not into all of the gory stuff... no Grim Reapers or mummies or scary ghosts... but ravens and bats and pumpkins... that's all good.  :)

So, I wandered around Dollar Tree again last week... 
(it's becoming a weekly habit...)

I found these:
Each set of 100 cost ... 
let's hear it...
one dollar.

I picked up one set of Pumpkins and one set of Spiders.

I didn't want the white side to show much, so I flipped the pumpkins inside out and set them inside the spider cups.

 Then I started using floral pins to stick the cups into a ... yes, a Dollar Tree floral wreath foam ring.  

Basically I made two rows of cups on the front face of the wreath, then made a  row on the inside...

Then made two rows of cups around the outside of the wreath.

When I was done, I strung a ribbon through and hung by a thumbtack from the top of a door.  BTW, make sure you are watching carefully when doing that... I now have a bruise under my fingernail from smashing it with a hammer!  Ow!

I tried the harlequin ribbon first, but thought it might be a little much...

Is it cute... or too much?  I can't decide.

So, I played it safe and went with the black ribbon instead.  

For a Halloween wreath, it's kind of "cute", isn't it?  

I have it hanging on a door near our kitchen, but it would be perfect for a Halloween party!

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  1. That is super cute! You are so creative!

  2. So cute! And I definitely like the black ribbon better.

  3. very cute and festive...the possibilities for different holidays and celebrations are endless! Thanks for sharing!


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