Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tag Sale Finds

My goodies from the Tag Sale:

A four-drawer black dresser with all new silver-tone hardware:  $20
I plan to use this in our guest bedroom once I clean it up a little... it's a bit dusty.  I may distress it a tad more, too.  Hard to see, but the chalkboard on top of the dresser came from another favorite sale location.  I've bought several things from this lady over the years, and she gave the chalkboard to me for free!  It pays to be a loyal-shopper!

A raised-pattern wall plaque:  $10
(Was told the history on this:  an antique portion of a Russian Coat-of-Arms)...
sort of reminds me of the Grand Bouquet Plaque at Ballard Designs, only $219 cheaper.
I'm trying to decide where to put this.  In the "book room" or over a guest bed?

These wire tapers were only a quarter apiece.  I didn't particularly like the sound of the hand creams' scents inside... but I think the wire boxes look a bit Christmas-y.

These were all found at a "pay what you like for charity" sale.  I like those.  I'm usually generous, but also want a good deal.  (I normally hate sales where there are no set prices... I am usually shocked by the high prices they suggest when you ask, too.... $3 for a kids' shirt... at a yard sale?  Really?  I digress....)  I paid $5 for these and a couple other little things for the kids.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these just yet.  All are wood.

Somehow I got tricked into buying this.  Ha!  It's a plug-in glowing soccer jack-o-lantern.  My soccer-loving daughter was with me, and this guy was only $1... so I had to give in.

Cross-hatch Metal Bowl:  $2
This sweet little metal bowl is just the right size for "mini fruit"... these are not normal oranges and apples... they are clementines and tiny apples.  :)

I also picked up a few Jennifer Weiner books (are they any good?) and a shirt for my daughter.  Sometimes I'll get tons of clothes for the kiddos, but for this sale, I decided they are pretty well stocked.  :)

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  1. I like the raised-pattern wall plaque... Hmmm, I wonder why. :-)


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