Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{LOVE} Hobby Lobby

I have been reading blogs for months now, many singing Hobby Lobby praises.  But alas, despite being in a county that is growing like mad with stores popping up left and right, we still have no Hobby Lobby.  Michaels, yes.  Joann's, yes.  Ben Franklin, yes.  Hobby Lobby... no.

A few months ago, we were in another town visiting relatives... and I saw a Hobby Lobby.  I hinted and hinted, but it was a no-go.  Hubby wasn't about to stop for me to drool while dragging four kids around the store.  LOL

My parents and sister live in PA, in my hometown, and near a Hobby Lobby, but they never really talked much about it (huh?)  I'm not even 100% sure they've even been in there.  (what??)  However, we're not in a position to go visit them anytime soon... so I still craved a Hobby Lobby visit.

Then, it happened.  A simple Facebook post mentioned the opening of a Hobby Lobby in a town 25 minutes from me... in another county, so I rarely know what's going on over there.


Despite having visitors for the weekend, I found a short period of time to go.  Well, that short period of time was more like 2.5 hours.  (Remember 50 minutes was driving time... so I wasn't TOO bad.)

Hobby Lobby is HUGE!

I {love} it!!

I'd describe it as Michaels, Joann's, and Home Goods rolled into one.

I found future Xmas gifts, future purchases for my decor, future Christmas decorations, future craft ideas... oh, it was wonderful.  See?  I still managed constraint... notice all the "future" purchases?

I still managed to leave with $60 worth of stuff, too... and a promise to go back next weekend.  I may finally learn more about this town that's only a short drive from me.  


Now, if only it would build a store closer!!

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