Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonder Cart!

Despite the cool crafting center downstairs, I find myself usually doing my preschool work up in my bedroom where I have my laptop and desk.  So, the Cricut, laminator and paper cutter are in my closet.  Ugh... yes, my closet.  Beautiful walk-in closet with a window, and it's piled high with preschool books, paper towel tubes, preschool craft projects, files, and the above mentioned "gadgets".  One of these days, the closet will get a serious overhaul... in the meantime, I'm working on the rest of the house.  Isn't that the way... master bedroom and closets are last to get "done"?

I saw Jen at iHeartOrganizing use an Ikea cart to corral her gadgets...

 and it got me thinking.  Unfortunately my Cricut wouldn't fit on the same cart she used.  But I'm sure I could find something.  

I did!
This Whitmor cart was purchased at Amazon for around $33.

I adjusted it in a way to allow the cart to fit under the shelf in my closet (and now I have handles to roll it easily from the top).
Here it is in the corner of my closet, under that shelf.  Cricut on top... laminator on the middle shelf, and paper trimmer on the bottom.  Yes... that is a plastic FILE cabinet in my clothes closet.  :(

Easily rolls out to the room.

Love this!


  1. Isn't it nice when things work out?! Your blog design looks nice....did you change it?

  2. I did... going for a less cluttered look. Want to change the topper soon, too. Still deciding on that...


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