Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Calendars

I have a serious problem with calendars.  

Nothing really works for me. 

I try new planners every year. 

(Small ones... are you kidding?  Four kids.  'Nuff said.  Big ones... too tough to carry around.  Stickers... really?  I don't have time to pretty-up my own planner with stickers.  Daily/Weekly pages... I need to see a month on the calendar at once.)
I found a simple one this year... let's hope it works. 

As for the family wall calendar, I've tried big paper calendars, small calendars, dry-erase calendars, chalkboard calendars... nothing seemed "right".  Paper calendars aren't attractive and get all wrinkly by the end of the twelve months... not to mention ink is permanent if you have to change things.  Chalkboards produce too much dust (and to be honest, it's a pain to keep them looking nice and fresh).  My only gripe with dry-erase is the fact that it only covers one month and then you need to erase the whole thing and start over with every new month.  I've seen some people make some really cute ones with glass inserts in frames.  Very simple and it can be tailored.  However, I needed a certain size and limited budget.  I was fretting over making a new calendar...


The Target Dollar Section saves the day again!
These dry erase boards were $2.50 each.  I bought two... one for the current month, and one for the following month.

I simply added black ribbon and stapled it to the boards.  The tape is simply covering the staples to avoid scratching the wall.

Know these?  Little sticky plastic bubbles?  I used these on the bottom to help keep the calendars still (friction) and to avoid them "clanging" as people walked past and moved the air.

And here's our new calendar wall.  Love it!  Another cool plus to using the ribbon and nails... as each month fades away, I trade calendars and replace last month's calendar with the next month.  And it's subtle, and hidden from most traffic.

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  1. Love this idea! I have one more, which might work for you (maybe it won't). I'd take a picture of mine at the end of the 2 month's, and just download it to the computer into the same file, so that if you need to look back at the end of the year and see what happened in a certain month, you could. (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, vaccinations, etc.)so you could transfer them to the new calendar for the next year.


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