Monday, September 5, 2011

Cabinet Door Office Boards

Months ago, I bought two identical cabinet doors at the Restore for $3 each.  I knew I wanted to use them in the office somehow to keep things nice and symmetrical.  I needed a place to hang important notes, business cards, invitations, whatnot.  But a big board wasn't my choice.  This nook's wall is quite visible to the kitchen and living area... I wanted something a little neater.

I got this.

First I primed and spray painted both cabinets with Heirloom White spray paint.

Then with cabinet door #1, I cut a piece of adhesive cork to fit inside the middle area.

The second cabinet was done with a piece of cut galvanized steel.  I cut it to size with regular scissors (couldn't find the tin snips).  Oh, I probably dulled the blades, but it went quickly and easily... less than 2 minutes.  I spray painted the metal with Heirloom White, then used spray adhesive to lay white burlap on it.  I wrapped and trimmed the edges, and using hot glue, I pressed the covered metal onto the cabinet.
Now, it's a magnetic board!  I found some old pebbles and used strong glue to hold them onto the magnets.

The office is now complete.  New boards....

And now my office is neat and ready for business school.  

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