Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I {heart} Dollar Tree

It only took a year.

Our unfinished basement has been our catch-all spot for boxes upon boxes upon boxes.

My hubby and I have finally gotten around to doing something about it.  We keep dreaming of finishing off the basement and having more useable space.  

THAT may not happen anytime soon, but at least we can get rid of the boxes. 

We succeeded!

The basement is now *mostly* free... free for me to use as a big ol' craft space!!!  YAY!

I promised to get the piles and piles of crafty goodness organized.  Remember we moved in last September, and have had no organization downstairs whatsoever... so my goodies were still in shopping bags, thrown into piles, and tangled up!  So we're slowly acquiring some nice wire shelves, but I wanted some way to sort the items.  I wanted it to look nice (and neat, orderly... you know, to satisfy the OCD).  I started cringing looking at bins and baskets.  I found a few neat storage items at Target today, but at $5-$20 a pop (and I need dozens), I just couldn't take that kind of plunge.

So, with just 30 minutes left to shop before having to head back to the home to grab the kiddos off the bus, I decided to take a quick detour... to Dollar Tree!

I was in organizing heaven!

Granted... the are mostly buckets, dish pans, planters, wastebaskets and laundry baskets, but I think they just may work... and the total for all of these things you see... $30... for 30 bins.  

Hmmm.... what magic can I whip up to make this look good?

Stay tuned.....

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