Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Striped Bathroom

My friends on Facebook are teasing me... I'm running out of walls!!  
{Hint: If you befriend me on Facebook, be prepared for lots of DIY updates.}  

Nah, they have nothing to fear... I have enough bare white ones to last me through the summer, I say.  ;)  After that, though, I'll be painting over painted walls.  :)  I should own stock in Behr.

The boys share a bathroom... 
you know, the "Jack n Jill" style, or rather "Jack n Jack" style bathrooms?

Unfortunately builders have some sort of dumb code they must follow which means all rooms must have doors that open IN.  So, now, we have this cute little bathroom with two doors that open INTO it and then another door that opens from that space INTO the toilet/shower area.  Ugh.  Too many daggone doors for a room that is 6'x5'!!

On my to-do list when we can afford it, hire a handyman to flip those doors around so they open OUT.

Because of all the dumb doors, I've been avoiding this room.  

However, I've had in mind what I've wanted to do... so since my oldest is away at camp this week, I figured it was a good time to do a little surprise for him.  

I wanted to do stripes.

Ala, this sort of thing I found on Pinterest....

I decided to go a tad darker and used the leftover paint from my son's bedroom.  
Now, it flows so well.  :)  Yeah, that was the plan.

I used an entire roll of FrogTape on this room!  And it has a wall-length cabinet, huge mirror, and three doors, and the room is just 6'x5'.  Ha!  That's a lot of tape.
BTW, in posting this on Facebook, I learned that our college friend works for that company.  Help support their mortgage... use FROGTAPE!  Love it!

I measured the stripes to be 8" high.  I used a level to draw the lines in pencil all around the room.  If a lightswitch or door top got "in the way" of making the stripes look better, I fudged that 8" a little.  :)

After drawing the lines, I used the tape to line the room, cover the ceiling edge and door trims. Fortunately, not everything needed lined with tape, like the top of the mirror... it was next to the white stripe (I kept the builders-grade white which complements the trim color well.)

Then came the painting.

It all went rather quickly.  Of course, with a tiny room (and no toilet to work around), it should.

I think from drawing lines to pulling off tape, it took me 4.5 hours (and that included a lunch break!)  The worst part was squeezing a 6' ladder in there to reach the 9' ceiling edge.  I put a tan stripe at the top and at the bottom, to distinguish it well from the ceiling and baseboards.

Here are the finished photos, complete with a wooden oar (thanks to my dad, Bob!) and two beachy prints (via a yard sale), and a BEACH sign (um... HomeGoods, I think?)

*oops... need to change that middle lightbulb!*  
See the flash?  Yes, I'm squatting down in the shower-room doorway!
The little anchor lantern-like decoration was bought at the Christmas Tree Store.

Over the doorway to the shower/toilet room.

Tommy's side.

Ben's side.  Love how the stripes seem to envelope the room with that huge mirror.  :)

Think Ben will be happy?  Tommy is indifferent, but then... he's only 8.

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  1. It looks fantastic!! The stripes are so much fun and I'm guessing they make the space look larger too. Way to go!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina


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