Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monogrammed Door Basket

I bought a looooooong basket awhile back for on our door (half-price sale at Joann's!)  Our front door is over 8 feet tall and mostly glass.  It's hard to hang things on there that look complementary and not too small.  And it must be something that can hang from a Command hook since I have to attach the hook to glass.

The basket is in a nice proportion to the door, but was a little bare, even with flowers poking out the top.  

So, I added our monogram.

I spray painted one side off-white.  

I spray painted the other side a pretty spring green.  

Now we were lucky in that our monogram is symmetrical, and thus can be flipped.  If your letter is J or F or G or such, you won't be able to flip it for another color.

I then distressed the letter on both sides with Distress ink.

I simply tied the letter onto the basket using simple off-white ribbon.  

When I decorate the basket for holidays that don't work well with green (Valentine's day comes to mind), I can simply flip the letter to the white side.  

UPDATE 6/28:

Since I posted this, I've since discovered a new addition to the basket.  A nest!

Here's the nest a few days ago.
I apologize for the grainy photo... it was a camera photo.

Since then, we now have FIVE eggs... one being a lot larger and spotted, most likely laid by a cowbird.

It's been an interesting little science lesson as we watch momma bird coming to sit on her nest everyday.  She's even accidentally flown INTO our HOUSE twice now (when it's been pitch-dark out and the door was opened.)  BTW, if it's late at night, just turning on the lights to guide her way to the door worked for us.  She had flown straight upstairs and sat on a picture frame in the bedroom hallway!

Read up on cowbirds.  They seem like mean, nasty little parasitic birds that drop off their eggs for others to hatch and raise.  They can lay up to 80 eggs in 2 months!  Seriously, people?  They are lusty little things.  Fortunately only 3% ever make it to adulthood (I say that based on the horrible nature of the birds and their taking advantage of other birds.)  We'll see how things continue.  I almost tossed the cowbird egg out of the nest, but I've also read that removing the egg can cause an angry cowbird momma to come back and destroy the remaining eggs out of spite.  :(  Don't wanna do that.

Unfortunately, I think my flowers will be ruined during this process.  Once the nest is over, we'll have to find some more for fall.  :)

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  1. Christy-Same thing happened in one of our many nests. My kids informed me that you need to shake the egg to kill it and place it back in the nest so the cowbird doesn't destroy the other eggs. My son actually put it in a ziploc bag, shook it hard without cracking it and carefully placed it back in the nest. Just a piece of unwanted advice:) Karla


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