Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Egg Bakes

I like well-cooked eggs for breakfast.  
(i.e. No "over easy", "over medium", poached, fried.  Scrambled or boiled, please. 
 If that yolk moves, forget it!)

But I like some vegetables mixed in... you know, as yummy filler.  Sure, I can scramble them all together, but it's a tad messy that way.  

Scrambled eggs + one eight year old + one seven year old = dog gets eggs for breakfast.  

I looked for some neat breakfast ideas and found recipes for egg bakes.  

This was the sort of recipe that needn't be exact.  I found what I had in my refrigerator and just made it as I went along.  
So don't be expecting many numbers or fractions in my recipe. 

These are able to be stored in the fridge for another morning, though I don't recommend more than a couple of days.  They get a little greasy and icky-looking. :P

First I took some ramekins and sprayed them with oil.

Then I mixed eggs together with milk (approximately 10-12 eggs for 12 egg bakes... add milk as you like).

I added some salt and pepper before whisking the eggs.

I then cooked up what vegetables I had in the fridge.  Be creative.  I threw some baby spinach leaves, chopped onions, chopped peppers and sliced mushrooms into a skillet and stir-fried them in a little oil till soft.  You could even add chopped cooked bacon or breakfast sausage or ham, if you wanted some meat added.

After mixing all of the veggies with the whisked eggs, I poured the mixture into the ramekins.  

If you want, add some shredded cheese to the mixture or sprinkle on top.  I was aiming for low-cal this particular morning, so I stuck with eggs and vegetables.

I cooked them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes... watch them, it can vary depending on your oven and what ingredients you chose.

 Wow!  These camera photos are awful, aren't they?  Sorry!
{Hint, hubby or anyone else, 40th birthday is coming up... wouldn't an awesome new SLR camera just be the bomb as a gift? LOL}

Here they are coming out of the oven... blurry picture alert!!

  The bakes will rise a bit after cooking, but if left to sit awhile (and then refrigerate), they will sink again.  So, eat soon to get a nice fluffy meal!

Mmmmmm!  Breakfast in a cute little bowl.  :)

Any exciting additions you can think of?  Broccoli?  Jalapeños?  Salsa?  Hot sauce?  Hmmm... 

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