Friday, June 22, 2012

The BEST {....} Hands Down.

Just a quick little post.  I've seen the quote around Pinterest and Blogosphere, but put it into use on a Mother's Day gift for the Grandmothers.

I took a scrap piece of wood, painted it, had the kids put handprints in another color (fingers down) on the wood, roughed it up a bit with Distressed Ink in the corners and across the picture to give it some depth, then wrote "Best .... Hands Down" across the top with a paint pen. 

Then I coated it with spray paint sealant.

You could make it for Father's Day (Best Dad, Best Granddad, Best PapPap, etc.)
or Mother's Day (Best Mom, Best Grandmother, Best Nana, etc.)
or Teacher's Gift (Best Teacher)
or Sister or Brother 
or Coach (long one with all the team on there)
or just about anything... make it bigger or smaller as you need.

Super cute... just sits on a table.  I wrote in Sharpie next to each handprint the name of the child, so that the recipient knew.  It was fairly obvious since I did them in order of age.... and thus the handprints got gradually smaller.  :)  I also added the year in the corner.

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