Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Under-the-Sink Desk Organizers?

In our Master Bath, we have a bit of a storage issue.

{maybe it's because of all my stuff?}

There is no linen closet.  Well, I suppose you could say we have a linen closet... it's called MY clothes closet.  :)  I plan to show that doozie of an organizing project later.

Back to the bathroom, which is lacking in room except for cabinets under the sinks.

So... where do we put our towels?
Under a bench, of course.

I have a small medicine cabinet for meds I use regularly, but it's pretty narrow. 

All other meds and HBA stock-up items are kept in my closet, so where do I keep my irons, hair dryer, daily toiletries?  Under the sink.

It was getting rather messy under there.  My mornings left my back aching as I leaned into the cabinet trying to find the right electric device and worked to detangle cords. I'll admit... the deodorant was usually just tossed under there (and then I'd have to search around to find it the next day).

Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration, I was determined to organize under my sink in the bathroom.

I saw this on Pinterest... I link to the photo on Pinterest since it appears it was just uploaded by the original owner (not a blog).

So, I started researching to find the perfect size file holder.  I needed one to hold a wide hairdryer (I believe mine was almost 4" wide at the widest spot).  I found this at Amazon.  It's more like a wedge (wider at the front), but it worked fine for me.
I attached it to the left cabinet door by first painting and stretching a piece of wood trim across the door, then attached the mesh folder to that piece of wood.  {The middle of our doors are super-thin, so you cannot attach a screw to the middle of the door.}  Note all the weird silver dots?  Yeah... it was a little hard to get that drill into that weird position.  On the back side of the magazine file, I ended up putting the screw in at a 45 degree angle through two sides of the file.  Hey, it worked.  :)

On the right door, I found these large pencil cups at Office Depot (they rang up under $5 each).  Looking back, I should've stuck with black, but I'm not worrying about color now.  Two of these screwed onto a similar piece of wood first, then attached to the door will hold two curling irons, a flat iron and a brush.  :)

For the remainder of the items under the sink, I found this little utensil holder (picnic style) at Hobby Lobby.  $6 after 50% off.  

Now in the mornings and after showers, I just grab the basket, put it on the sink... and then replace it when I'm done.

For the "extras"... extra hand soap, extra bath wash, extra hand lotions for when I run out... I found these cute plaid bins on the clearance racks at Target.  I paid less than $6 each for them.  



 It may not match and look all dolled up and pretty, but everything has a place!

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