Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest Attempt: Yarn-Covered Bottles

I've seen them on Pinterest.

My sister did it with Valentine's Colors.

It was time for me to actually make those yarn-wrapped bottles I kept seeing everyone make.

A Facebook friend mentioned she has a goal of making at least two things she's pinned on Pinterest.  I'm not sure I'll actually do two things every week, but I am going to make the effort to do more and more pins.

I have enough pink and red around for my taste... so I used colors that coordinated well with my entire main floor:  tan, sagey green (wish I could've found yarn more like the flowers below), ivory, charcoal, and light grey.

And instead of wine or beer bottles, I grabbed a few Starbucks bottles from my stash (Thanks to Lori, a former student's mom, for collecting so many for me to use in the classroom!!)

The first one I did was the tan speckled yarn.  I started at the bottom.  Don't do that!!

As I hit the area where it sloped upward, the yarn would not stay in it's correct position... I had to use a lot of hot glue to hold it in place, and therefore the yarn isn't wrapped well.
For the others, I began just below the lip of the threads.  It went rather quickly. 

The top threaded area was tricky for yarn, so I used thicker jute instead.  Sort of made all five coordinated too.

I threw a sprig of flowers in each bottle.  (The entire bunch of these and MORE were only $5 at Joanns this week).

Now, Punxatawney Phil said six more weeks of winter (winter?  seriously?  It was 72 degrees here yesterday!)  In any case, the faux springy flowers are a happy indication that spring is indeed coming... even if it is six more weeks.  :(

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  1. As a child we used to put nails in spools and weave a rope around them. I understand there is now a loom for making caps on the same principal.
    Can anyone find the pattern and instructions.
    Thanks a bunch My knitting machines are gone and I need a new project.


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