Thursday, February 16, 2012

Master Closet Redo, Stage One

Our master bedroom has two nice walk-in closets (much larger than I ever felt I'd need).  Somehow though, mine has become the catch-all for many, many things.  It was becoming the house eyesore.  Seriously.  I couldn't find shoes; tripped as I walked in;  couldn't dress in there;  and the dog was finding all sorts of goodies to chew on!

All of this was in there, somewhere:

Our "bathroom linen closet" things
"To Sell or Giveaway" clothes from all six family members
All my Thirty-One bags for parties
Box of single socks
Jewelry/Hair stuff
Luggage for all six family members
Cricut/Laminator/Paper Cutter 
Rolls and Rolls of adhesive vinyl (Cricut stuff)
Hideaway spots for future gifting


Oh... yes, and my clothes!

Here's the linen closet side PRE-organizing (notice the blank shelves... I already pulled down a few totes of stuff before snapping the photo)

The window and opposite side... how embarrassing to see the piles and piles.  Ugh.

This is the front wall after I rolled out the Cricut cart.  Jewelry, paper, stool, and more.

So... first job... remove it all.......  can you believe this all fit in that closet?  What happened to my bed?  At this point, I started to panic... thinking there was no way this was a "one day" project.  Good thing I wasn't painting or it wouldn't have been a one-day project!

Here is the empty closet.

I took my Target white shelves and moved them under the builders-shelves.  I don't need that much area to hang clothes.  :)

I moved luggage to the basement and vacuum to another room.
I decided to pull out all of those Thirty-One bags I've been collecting for my closet.  I kept buying totes in the PinDots pattern.  It's cute, but not frilly... even a tad "masculine".

I tried on every piece of clothing.  Yikes.  Seriously, I did... and came up with many totes of "too small" clothes (blech... Weight Watchers take me away!!)

I'm not getting rid of those, seeing as though I'm trying to lose the weight and cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe.  So... I piled up the too-small clothes in totes on the top shelf.

These are totes of clothes that I don't use often:  swimsuits and painting clothes.

I added a few little labels, too.  :)

I put the Cricut cart under the window and have the accessories in totes, hanging off the cart for wheeling to my bedroom when needed.

I went through the med boxes a bit to throw away old, expired things.
I also promptly ordered a few new totes to help it all match a little better in the future.  :)
The tote on the right is a big XXL Utility Tote with three inner totes.  I am beginning to store the kids' old school and team t-shirts in there.  My goal is to one day make a quilt for each kid  hire someone to make a quilt for each kid, using their old school/team/VBS/camp t-shirts.  

I saw this boot idea floating around the Internet too... how cute.  :)

Here is the one side of the closet, finished.  Notice that other than some new totes/storage bags, everything was just rearranged... no new shelves or new closet systems were bought.
I hung up some of my luggage/totes... out of convenience and because they are so pretty.  :)

Here is the old jewelry area.  I bought three matching baskets to hold the hair supplies and jewelry boxes.  I made that necklace frame from a ReStore cabinet door frame.  :)

So, now, I feel a lot better.  Everything has a spot... and I got my own closet back!!

Note that the title is "stage one".  I'm certainly hoping there will be a stage two.

When I paint it.

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  1. Looks great! I love everything having and being in it's own place! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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