Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Pinterest Project... Pinecone "Wreath"

I found this on Pinterest awhile back and swore I needed to make it. 
{It was originally posted here.}

 I did... and before Thanksgiving, but it seemed appropriate to wait till December to talk about it. 

I made long ribbons with a bow tied at the end.  

Then I glued the bow to the flat end of the pinecones.  The pinecones were purchased at Joann's and were cinnamon scented.  I then collected all of the ribbons at the top and cinched them into a knot.  I tied a ribbon to the top to finish it up.

The final result:
It currently hangs on our powder room door (which is in the butler's pantry area).  It's great when you swing the door, you catch a strong scent of cinnamon.  Not a bad thing near the bathroom, I suppose.  :)


  1. I made one for my mantle. I hung a wreath there last year, but decided I wanted to go more natural this year. Will try to post one of mine when I get a chance. Yours looks pretty.

  2. Bettie... I saw yours. Was it on Facebook? Very cute! Love the natural look.


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