Saturday, December 17, 2011

Laundry Room Finished!

We've been in the new house for a little over a year now, and we still have about half of the rooms to paint.  Somehow, though, the big rooms seem daunting... too expensive.  :)

So, I'm sticking with small rooms for now.  

Like... the laundry room.  It was a simple room with a washer/dryer and a wire-shelf over both.  I wanted to make the most of the space, so we did a little altering.

Last month, we painted the walls a pretty aqua color and hung a ReStore-find cabinet over the washing machine.  (Word to the wise... don't try to hang a heavy cabinet OVER a positioned washing machine without removing shelves/doors to make it lighter.  We eventually figured that out.)

I tried to be self-sufficient and have Home Depot cut MDF shelves for me.  However, this was the perfect example of why we MEASURE twice, CUT once.  :)  I messed up the measurements by about 1/4".  Just enough that my sawing skills at home weren't good enough to fix the problem.

Enter...  my Daddy!  He came down at Thanksgiving and helped get the shelves up in the laundry room.  :)

The shelves were painted white to match the cabinet.  

Then came time to DECORATE!

I found three brown baskets for the shelves, but they needed labels.  

I used these 6" rulers, which were on sale at Michael's.  

I simply turned them over, and added some Cricut words.  

I then found some empty plastic jars in my "recycle stash".  

I removed the lid, wrapped the jar in fancy paper, and hot-glued twine to the top to dress it up.  
I made two of these:  one for lint/trash and one for "found items" in the machines (coins, etc.)  They won't be heavily used and bounced around, so the paper should hold up quite awhile.

I repainted my mini crate a brown color to go well with the brown sign, wood table, and brown baskets.  (It was a dark silver to match the machines.)

 The Shaklee bottles fit perfectly in the crate, and they are perfectly reach-able for any young'uns who complain that their favorite tee/jeans are dirty!  :)  Love that!!!

I dressed up the shelves a little with some vinyl lace edging (bought on Amazon).  Despite being sticky, it just didn't want to stick to the wood, so I finally got fed up and stapled them on!  LOL

The top basket is for miscellaneous things as time goes on (cleaners?  special towels?)  Thus, why I simply labeled it "miscellaneous", so I can use it for whatever I want in the future!  I originally though the top shelf would be perfect for the dryer shelf (the plastic shelf for shoes), but it was WAY too deep.  So, I simply tossed it behind the machines for now.  I almost never use it.

The bottom two baskets have the plastic jars in them... one on the left holds cut-up dryer sheets and a spray bottle with doTerra lemon essential oil and water.  That's my "hmmm, this load isn't smelling fresh enough magic-scenter for the dryer sheets".  The one on the right holds the trash jar and and the miscellaneous jar. 

Here's the completed room.  The little table to the right used to be a nightstand in the guest room.  It now holds things like extra tissue boxes and cleaners for the upstairs rooms.  The two wreaths are secured on the inside of the doors.  They were leftovers from the last house.  So I put them to use.

I found the Laundry sign at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.  The colors seemed to work well.

I am not a fancy "washer".  I simply throw the clothes in and hope for the best most of the time.  We don't wear hand-wash clothes and super delicates, so this laundry room holds most everything we need.  :)

Hope you enjoyed it!  Now... I need a new project... hmmmmm

Maybe I've exhausted the small rooms.  Time for the Master Bedroom?

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  1. Oh Lord! I am dying of envy! I am not just saying this...but if you saw the horror that is my laundry room, you wouldn't believe it!

    It's so pretty in yours! Although I'm betting it still hasn't made laundry a thrill!?


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