Friday, December 16, 2011

Magnetic Picture Frames (EASY GIFTS!!)

Ever want to change photos easily without having to remove the back of a frame?  Here's a quick little project that would make for a great gift!

You'll need these things:

Galvanized flashing (I got the 10' roll, so I can make MANY magnetic projects now!)
Frames (any size, mine were 50% off at Hobby Lobby)
Fabric remnants
Spray Adhesive

Here's the flashing label, in case you are curious....

You'll need to cut the flashing.  It's do-able with sharp scissors, but needs care.  The metal edges can be sharp!

I ended up with two of these.  Ouch!

After cutting the size of the flashing to fit the frame (8"x10" here), cut a piece of fabric to fit the steel and an extra inch to wrap around the edges.

Spray adhesive on one side of the flashing, wrap the fabric around the edges (spray that area, too).

Fit into the frame.  
I actually put the glass behind the metal in case I ever wished to use the frame as a normal frame in the future.

 I then found some pretty rocks (found in bags in the floral section) to create a magnet.  I super-glued a strong button magnet to the back.  Any sort of magnet should work though.

Wah-Lah!  Small magnetic boards!

 Great for displaying this year's Christmas photo!

They should make some pretty gifts!  You can even tailor the fabric and type of frame to fit your decor.  I was aiming for "pretty yet classy"

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