Thursday, November 3, 2011

Towel-tally Different Storage Idea

We built our house last year.  Well, that's not true.  We paid for a house to be built... one of three possible models in this neighborhood from one builder.  

I loved the process, but the biggest annoyance is learning AFTER the fact little things we should've noticed ahead of time. 

For example, our bathroom.

It's a very nice size.  A walk-in tiled shower, two sinks, a toilet "stall", and a nice soaking tub.  But NO linen closet.  There are a few shelves in my closet, but nothing convenient to the bathroom itself.  

So, other than the couple of cabinets under the sink and a small medicine cabinet, we have no storage.  OH!  And no towel rack near the shower!  

We fixed the towel rack thing by installing one double-hook next to the door... that was the only place it could go.

Now... where to store all those extra towels?

They could've gone under the sinks, but that is our cleaning/beauty supply storage.  Could've gone under the vanity-area, but that's where we put the hampers.  

So, they've been sitting in a too-small basket ON the tub (and not comfortably fitting, either... it tipped a lot).  

Finally it dawned on me that we had a blank wall... so we did this:
Towels go under the bench seat, washcloths go into the basket on the shelf.  The top basket is just to look pretty.  :)

AND, now I have a seat in their for when the kids are insistent on talking to Mommy as she brushes her teeth.  


  1. I think you solved the problem nicely!

  2. Wish I had room for a bench! We've got a linen cupboard out in the hallway that we go back and forth to!


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