Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cabinet Re-Do

Months ago I purchased this little cabinet for $25 at a yard sale.  I wasn't positive what I wanted to do with it, so it sat in our garage for many, many months.  

I finally finished it off.  Now it sits in our guest room as the end table.  I needed one a little wider than average due to the layout of the room.  Here it is now, in that room:
Don't you just love the fact that the window is not centered on that room's wall?  Ugh.  So, the table is a little off... still working on ways to make it look like it's supposed to not be centered on that window! 

A closer look at the doors:
I found the knobs at Hobby Lobby and Mod-Podged scrapbook paper onto the door insets.

Now it matches well with my Tag Sale dresser find ($20... AS IS!)


  1. This is terrific! You can't tell from the photo that the window is off-center, so not sure what you mean, but the table is a great solution, because it's extra wide!

    It really does look good with your dresser too!

  2. Looks fabulous! Can you come help decorate my "kids" room? It is our 2nd guest room and our niece requested that it be painted purple. I need furniture and some less-girly decorations.


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