Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Whole Family!

It's been forever since I've blogged ...again... I blog in spurts, but I love it so don't forget me.

For the last week or so, I was in Thanksgiving mode.  Cleaning the house, buying the food, prepping the food, entertaining, etc.  We had a great dinner at our home, hosting my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, Mike's parents, and Mike's aunt and uncle...14 in all.  Even with all of our siblings (uh, one), this is the entirety of our family.  Small family... that's okay, Mike and I had four kids to help it grow!  Love big families... maybe in another 20 years, we'll have a really BIG Thanksgiving dinner that needs all three of our folding tables? :)  My daughter declared at the table at Thanksgiving that she wants five kids... so she's helping my dream.  (Of course, she's six... I hope she means in another 20 years.)

Thanksgiving was great... loving the new home and new kitchen.  Dinner preparation went so smoothly.  The most stressful part was just getting the food to the table... all hot.  Do you find that too?  But we made it.  I tried a new mashed-sweet-potato casserole with pecans and coconut... yum!  It's like dessert.

Before Thanksgiving, we had another little incident....
Yep!  I hope she's learned her lesson.  No more jumping from eight stairs up.  Even IF there was a beanbag chair at the bottom to "break" your fall.  At least it's a very minor fracture, and the boot (not pictured) will be off in just 2.5 weeks.  (9 more days to go!)

Ha!  Just now realized she posed next to poor Lucy in her crate.  I think we were heading out the door to go to the Ortho doctor when I took this.  This splint was the ER's temporary fix.  Now she's wearing a knee-high boot, so she can walk.  Whew... she may be skinny, but it's a heavy, bony skinny.  Let's just say that two days of carrying her around resulted in a chiropractor's appointment.

The day after Thanksgiving, I did what everyone does... went to see Breaking Dawn.  Okay, maybe not everyone.  Actually I was probably the last one to see it... missed that midnight showing a few weeks back.  LOL

We tried shopping at midnight on Friday morning.  What a bust!  Walked in... saw the line already wrapped around the stores... and walked out.  My sister and I were home at 1:25 and in bed... with no purchases.  Husbands were happy.

The next day, Saturday, began Christmas at our house.

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  1. note Grace wanted a set of twins and Mexicans - no Chinese - as her children LOL


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