Friday, August 19, 2011

New Curtains

I am impatient.

Ask anyone who knows me.  

My husband jokes about the time I was a substitute teacher, before kids... when we lived in our first real home.
When I called him at work and calmly suggested that we paint a room a certain color, you could bet money that I already painted it THAT morning.  ;)  I'd wake up, look at a room, decide on a color, run to the store, and paint it before he came home.  :)

When an idea pops in my mind, I want it to come true immediately.  I'm SO impatient.

So, after looking at our family room day-in and day-out...
I can picture so many changes in here.  Well, for one, the coffee table was changed to a black square one.  I want to change the sofas, replace the lampshades, add another fluffy new rug (if and when dear ol' Lucy becomes fully house trained), and... add curtains.

Originally, I wanted crisp, clean... simple.  In fact, I convinced Mike of this too.  So, when I changed my mind and insisted on curtains, he wasn't on board.

So, I researched.  Looked all over the web.  Facebook-ed friends to see what size to buy, where to hang.  Requested fabric swatches.  Hinted.  Hinted.  Hinted.

And finally, I convinced him enough to take the plunge, with the agreement that we can return them.

 These are the Delancey Contemporary grommet curtains from  I got several swatches first to check out different curtains... all ivory.  Our first preference was a different textured curtain, but the grommets were a bronze color.  With all of our main-floor curtain rods being silver, I wanted to stick with that.  These have a chrome-color grommet.  I think I spent under $230 for all eight 108" curtains.  Then I got the rods at Target... cheapest place I found.

Here it is now...

I love how they cozy-up the room a bit, don't you?

Now... the sofas are going to be a tougher sell.  Just a tad pricier.... eek!

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  1. The curtains have made the room so much warmer and more textured looking! Love them! A rug would be nice, but white might be pushing it (even if the dog is fully trained!)


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