Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drawer Labels

Well, I pulled out the Cricut the other day... and did a WHOLE lotta cuttin'.  

When you have a lot of utensils (uh, Pampered Chef anyone?  I'm addicted!) and wide drawers, it's tough to remember where to find things... like where the can opener is?  Where should I put the ice cream scooper?  So... I fixed it.  No more, "Mom, where is the ...."  Well, at least not in regards to the two utensil drawers.

Rather than label my drawers with boring white address labels or such, I did this:

Cutters, openers, BBQ

Miscellaneous gadgets, scoopers, spatulas, and tongs.

No more guessing.  If it's not there, it must be dirty!

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