Friday, August 5, 2011

The Last Kid's Bedroom

Well, after painting a guest room and three siblings' bedrooms, it was time to finally hit the walls of our oldest son.  He's 12 now, so we needed to aim for a "big kid/teen" style.  No Star Wars stickers here.

His room originally looked like this:
 Okay, it did not look THIS crazy on a normal basis.  I was already partially moving things when it dawned on me that I hadn't taken a "before photo".  Oops!  

Notice the bedspread?  A very boyish skate/ski sort of theme to it in blues and browns.  We went with that for the paint colors, since most of his room is blue and brown anyway.  I'm so psyched about the colors we chose.  I could've gone with gray instead of tan, but wanted a little brighter color in there.  We went with a yellowy-tan instead.

Here's where we ended up:
I painted the closet area with the dark blue.   This bedroom is the only one without a walk-in, but as you can see, it's a nice size closet.  By just painting this corner, we gave the room a little pop without going overboard.  (Whoops... do you see the ladder peeking from the bathroom in the background there?)

Here's the reading nook.  I think that Papasan chair was his Daddy's when he was in high school.  The cover was a mashed-up job I did with a needle and thread and cheap fabric... but it's lasted almost 10 years!  The base was also broken and fixed by PapPap.  It's been through a lot, but is still super comfy!

Here's where the two colors meet.  (The door on the left leads to the hallway.)

Here's the dresser area.  This is a "to do"area still.  Notice one of the handles has fallen off.  I'd like to paint these dressers a dark brown to match the bookshelf shown above.  The shelves, I thought, were an amazing score when I found them at a thrift store for $3 apiece... till I got home and realized they required some obscure brackets to make them look "floating".  Well, I fixed that and bought simple plain brackets from Home Depot and just screwed them to the bottom.    

See the blue in the wall, the blue shades (yes, they are true navy blue, similar to the wall... bad lighting) and the blue in the bedspread?

How cool that I was able to convince my son to get "Starry Night" as a poster for the bedroom instead of  some silly characters or movie?  I guess he's actually growing up!  I love how those colors pop in this room, too.

Still into Lego's, but growing up... Lego Architecture.  Who doesn't LOVE Fallingwater?  The Medieval Village is on top of the bookcase... forgot to photograph that.  The other doo-dads here are from Nana and PapPap's trip to Turkey (horn) and our trip to Mexico (snake).

Here's the desk area.  It was a hand-me-down from some all-grown-up cousins. (Note that even boys can use Thirty-One... both black bags are 31 and are holding Pokemon cards and cool collectibles... the Zipper Pouch is holding school supplies.)

This cool table lamp was a clearance find at Target... love the dark brown "woodtone".

After painting a bathroom this week, too, my body is feeling it!  Whew!  Forget working out... just paint!

One downfall to being so short is having more steps to climb on a ladder EVERY time you want to paint.  Blech.  I'm off now to put my feet up and nosh on some bon-bons.  (Yeah... right... got some bags to pack and a dinner to make....sigh.)


  1. I'm sure you spend all kinds of time eating bon bons and putting your feet up! Don't ALL mothers do this?!!

    Love the bedroom, especially the VanGogh over the bed!

  2. wow your son's room looks great! I love the one blue wall. And I think the guest bathroom is great.


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