Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bittersweet Endings...

Today was my last day of preschool for the year.  {{sigh}}

It's a bittersweet day.  On one side, I get my "free" schedule back.  (... ha ha ha... my schedule is never free...)  At least I get to focus on other things (aka... end of school parties/ events, upcoming 12-year-old birthday, Father's Day and VBS... oh yes, and this BLOG), ...and once the public school is out, I won't have to get up early in the morning!

On the other side, this is sometimes truly good-bye.  This is only my third year of teaching four year olds.  I often joke that I probably know half of the four-year-olds in our corner of the county.  Between teaching 4's in Sunday School, directing preschoolers at VBS, and teaching a preschool class during the school year, that's a lot of preschoolers!

However, it always shocks me when I no longer "run into" my old buddies.  

Last year I knew most of the parents well.  I taught a few of my preschool students on Sundays at church.  I was even Facebook friends with many of the moms.  So, when graduation came and went, and the last day of school came and went, I thought... "That's okay.  They're moving on, but I'll see them around a lot... maybe even at church."  That seemed to be the case for the summer;  even ran into a few of my old students two hours away at an amusement park!  

However, looking back now... I probably haven't seen 10 out of the 15 students last year since that last day of school.  Oh, I drive past their homes, see their photos on Facebook, and I hear about their lives from their moms' statuses.. but SEEING them in PERSON... nah.  And think about it... do you remember YOUR preschool teacher?  Nope.  They probably won't remember me even if they do see me.  {{sigh}}

So, today, as I was giving those good-bye hugs, I had on my "I'm gonna see them soon" face.  Big hugs, but no tears.

Then I came home and opened up the wave of cards that flooded in throughout the day.  


The notes of thanks were SO appreciated.  

I often sit back and think... hmmm... I have a K-8 Education Master's degree and Math BS degree... and I'm making only a slim percentage of what I'd be making at a public school... Will the kids or parents ever remember me?... Will learning to write their names and numbers and letters at age four really affect their education in the long-run?...

I read those cards, cried, and realized that I am definitely where I belong.

So, I hung up my cards...

I distributed my flowers around the house....

and decided this pretty little thing NEEDED displayed (can you believe someone made this for me?  Adorable!!)

and stashed my newest Frappuccino-bottle donation (for future crafting!)

and distributed my other gifts and realized I will have constant reminders of my adorable class.

And every time I see something from these guys, I'll say a little prayer for each one... even if they don't remember me.

{sigh}  Goodbye, my Oranges class.....
I love you and I'll miss you.
And years from now, when I see your name in the paper for Girl Scout projects, sporting games, graduations, Dean's Lists, engagement photos and proud parent photos... 

I'll smile and remember when your hand trembled in mine on the first day and when you proudly yelled said the Pledge of Allegiance and when you laughed hysterically over "U, "uh", underwear" and when you gave me a hug on the last day and your head rested against my tummy.  

MAYBE... just MAYBE you'll remember that you were well-loved in preschool.

Love, Ms. Christy


  1. What a sweet, touching post. I taught Sunday School and had the same experience at the end of each year. Now I see these big teenagers that were once toddlers in my class!

    Anyway,I'm sure those kids are blessed to have had you as their teacher.

  2. Christy,

    Just awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out the link to find out more:


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