Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I'm having a bit of ... whatdoyoucallit?... blogger's block?  I've been a bit busy, so the house has taken a backseat to most everything else.  The house meaning decorating, painting, crafting, laundry, cleaning, cooking, yardwork, everything.  :)

Despite the crazy weekday schedules lately, I have definitely managed to enjoy my Saturdays.  It's YARD SALE SEASON!

(Can I hear a "woot woot"?)

Last week, I brought along my older two kids.  One is 10, and one is 11.... perfect to please with an occasional small purchase ...and perfect to carry my goodies!  Tee hee.  Yes, I left the 6 year olds at home.  

This weekend, I went along with my mom and oldest daughter.  Oh, we found some goodies!

I went out looking specifically for a few things, but my rule of thumb is that if I don't have an exact location of where to put it, I will not spend much at all!  (I like having a bit of a stockpile of fun decorations, especially since I still have a lot to decorate.)

Fortunately the super-cheaply-priced sales let me buy all sorts of things!  I found two sales (same building) where prices were low to begin with, and we hit it just as they announced, "everything half-off!"  Another sale was one of my favorite yard sales I attend each year.  The seller has similar interests in home decor and prices things super-cheap (like 5 cents on some things).  Ever seen the "doggie throne" in the bookroom?  Yep, she made that.

You know how there are all of those "There are two kinds of people in the world" sayings..?

Like... those who turn a TV on as they enter the room, and those who turn it off.
Those who accomplish things, and those who say they accomplish things.
Those who can stay focused, and ... hey look a squirrel!

Well, I found a new "two kinds of people"...

Those who host garage sales to get rid of their stuff... and those who host garage sales to make money.  The latter rarely gets my business.  :)  

I {heart} super cheap deals!!!  

Sorry for the bad photos... all were taken in my dark basement.  So we either have flash-ridden photos or dark ones.  :(

A black candlestick.  Not 100% positive where I'll use it, but I'm sure I'll find a cool spot.  $1

This beautiful tin pedestal bowl will be perfect one day filled with something fun.  Not sure if I'll repaint or leave it in its mottled colors.
The four wreaths were only 25 cents for all four.

This old frame was just 75 cents.  I have plans for this one (it's a good size... 11x14 or so).

This shelf has one piece missing (as you can tell from the photo, head-on it looks great).  $FREE!

This metal/wood scoop is just cool... gotta find a place in my kitchen.  
50 cents.

LOVE THIS!  Ha ha ha!  Wonder if I can squeeze out a place in my butler's pantry somewhere. :)  $1

This is a football=shaped shadowbox.  Not positive whether we'll keep this or not, but for 50 cents, I had to try!  Maybe we'll scrounge up some Redskin goodies (and store it till we have a great season....)

 This is a mini "apples" crate.  25 cents.

Red painted small box.  50 cents
My daughter wants this one.  I'll help by painting it to match her room... purple!  

These two ornate frames were $3 each.  I hope they work where I want them.

A globe for 50 cents!  My daughter wanted a chalkboard globe of her own.  Why not for a half-a-buck?

Not sure what to do with this, but for 50 cents, I'll figure something out.  Man, I wish I had a deck!

Lots of mismatched frames... nothing more than $2... one was 13cents.  
(Remember the half-price deal?)

Two beachy prints to hang in the boys' beachy bathroom, unless I figure out somewhere else...   $2 each

Old books... hopefully to craft with... $1 each.  The storybook is from 1950something... but I checked it out online... not worth much.  The big red one is "Country Women"... hmmm... not exactly a modern depiction of todays' woman.

OK.  I HAD to buy this one.  Seeing as though I am a Thirty-One consultant and know how awesome their products are, I saw this beauty for $3.  Does everyone have one of these?  These organizers are great for coupons or drawing kits for the car.

This glass pear was destined to become a Ballard-look-alike.  Done.  

Cute, nice wooden tray.  I think we'll get rid of the tic-tac-toe board (does anyone really play tic-tac-toe on these super big boards?)

Assorted frames under $3 each.

This beauty was $2.  The seat is in great condition... hmmm.... super excited to design something cool for the painting!

This wooden desk was $25.  I'm still not 100% sure where it will go, but I do want to paint it.  It may work great in the guest room.

Don'tcha love it when you find craft supplies for super cheap at yard sales.
50 cents for the tissue box.
25 cents for both flower hooks.
50 cents for a bag full of tags

Something just made me buy this.  It's a mini version of the chalkboard I bought months ago and updated.

So, now I get to figure out what to do with it all!!

Find any cool deals lately?

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