Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch Blox Sets & Kids' Lunches

Anyone else using these?  

This is the new Rubbermaid Lunch Blox set (and lunchbox).  I love it!  Makes for easier packing... my rule is only one "junk" item, aka cookies, crackers, bakery item... and it must go in one of the teeny containers (which can only hold about 3 Oreos.  Each other little container must contain a different fruit or vegetable.  The bottom one must have the sandwich, meat, or main entree.  It's working for us.  Love that the ice pack fits nicely in the middle, too.  The side pockets (mesh elastic) can hold the water bottle for the day.   

I bought the bigger one... the longer one... for my own lunches, and it easily fits in the Thirty-One thermal totes.  :)

Is anyone else using it?

I just ordered the Thirty-One mini thermal zipper pouches for the kids to take their snacks in.  My hope is that a small pouch of veggies and an ice pack will fit in each one.  Thus, we can send veggies for snack, and they'll still be cool!  I'll let you know when they arrive how it's working.

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