Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coordinated Fridge Files

I was disliking the disorganization on my fridge lately.  Lots of "important papers" all hanging from a clip.  So, when I saw a lot of Pinterest photos showing the Mead Fridge Filer , I was determined to get it.  I couldn't find it online and had heard it was hard to find at Target.  I had every intention of making my own, but alas... when I went to Target... there it was!

Unfortunately it had a bright pink strip at the top.  I wasn't thrilled with that in our muted neutral kitchen, so I set out to coordinate my fridge.

As you'll see below, my refrigerator now has a large green file, a small green file, a Mead Fridge Filer (with a new green strip at top) and a "catch-all" magnetic pocket.  

This is the side of my refrigerator.  The front is non-magnetic stainless steel and has four smaller doors, so it just made sense to use the side.

I found some pretty paper at Michaels that was dual-sided and I loved both sides!  

I simply took a piece of 12x12 paper and traced a normal file onto the paper.  Using spray adhesive, I attached the paper to the front (and back) of the file.  Then I attach a small section of the reverse print to the inside where the tab is.  

After that dried, I placed a small strip of glue along the two sides to close the edges, and then attached strips of magnets to the back.

To make the smaller file, I used a plain file folder and simply cut it down to mimic the shape of a regular file.  I made it a tad taller so that I could attach a 3.5"x5"photo to this folder.  I followed the same directions as above to cover this file, and then put photo corners on the file so I can change out the photo as I like.

I added Cricut vinyl letters for fun.

Lastly, the Fridge Filer.  To cover up the bright pink strip (at the top), I cut a piece of paper that was approximately 3x the height of the strip.  Then I centered the strip to the paper and made folds at the top and along the bottom to tuck in.  I then trimmed the edges.  Easy peasy... no gluing.  The magnetic strip was still strong enough to go through the extra paper.  
Now my refrigerator is a little more coordinated and subtle in colors.  In the Fridge Filer, I use it for menu planning.  The first file holds the week's plans, the second file holds what everyone likes for lunch (it's hard to keep track of 4 kids' likes and dislikes), and the third file holds what everyone likes for breakfast.  You can use it for schedules, directories, whatever you like.  The paper on the bottom was my son's homework sheet, which needs constant attention, so we simply hung it with a magnet.  :)

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