Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Tables, part two

They are done... here's a sneak peek.

Yep... black.  I'm not crazy about staining... stains and me don't always get along.  Although, I have done it before:
This table was ordered from an unfinished furniture online store.  I stained it myself.  So... I don't always screw it up... but it drives me nuts.  I think I always end up with more stain on me than on the furniture.

Thus... the paint.

There are touches of black all through my main floor:
The fireplace and TV,

the chairs, lamps, cabinet, vase in the front room,

the chairs and chalkboard in the dining room,

the counters in the kitchen (well, some black in it).

So, black was my first choice.  

Here's the table.

 It looks bigger in this photo than it is.... 

I love the idea of putting things on here that are pretty.... 
However, with kids and dogs, I guarantee the vase would be knocked over and the flowers and candles would be chewed up (I'll let you figure out who would destroy which items.)

So, in reality, this table will hold a tray, a remote, and random books, shoes and toys.  I'm sure.  Maybe I'll move that vase down for special guests.  LOL

 Here is the sofa table.  Although the photo seems to show a fairly well-proportioned table for the space, it neglects to show the 3' of blank wall above the clock.  Oh well, eventually I'll get my big clunky dresser in that space.  Until then, at least this table will match the coffee table.  

What do you think? 

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